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Lawn Care Done Professionally

Have you been taking excellent care of your lawn? Or do you not have the time to maintain it at all so you end up just relying on the sprinkler system and mowing whenever you find the time to? If your lawn needs extra attention, you can always book a lawn care service from a professional such as JT Lawn Service. I can professionally maintain the lawn on your property in Duncanville, TX.

Lawn care in Duncanville, TX.

When Maintaining Lawns

You need to know exactly what your lawn needs and not just what you think it needs because not all maintenance routines will work. If you only water daily and mow the lawn when you have the time, you won’t know if it’s actually making any difference to the quality of the grass. You need to inspect your lawn, determine how much it needs to be watered, how often it needs to be mowed, and if the quality of the soil needs to be improved. You have no clue how to figure it out, you can always hire a professional like me to get you started on the right track.

I Can Maintain the Lawn for You!

My lawn care service is all about following a specific routine that caters to your lawn’s needs. I won’t just follow what everyone else is doing when they maintain their lawns because I know that each lawn has specific needs. The quality of the soil on your property might not be compared to your neighbor’s so I would apply mulch or fertilizer to make it better. I can also adjust the settings of the sprinkler system so that it won’t water the lawn too much if your area gets rain for the day. If your lawn needs to be maintained, get in touch with me as soon as you can.


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JT Lawn Service is the lawn care expert you can rely on to maintain your entire lawn. Do you need help keeping the lawn on your property in Duncanville, TX in excellent shape? You’ve come to the right place. Give me a call at (972) 994-6863 today so that I can start right away!

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